Old Ford Trucks for Sale

Shopping for old Ford Trucks is not difficult as you may think. Whether you are looking for a old restored 1940 Ford Truck, 1994 Ford F-150 truck or a fuel injected screamer... they are all available and up for sale. There are always enough Ford trucks for sale that suits your needs.

Some of the most recent used Ford Trucks that were put up for sale online as this article is written were 1975 FORD F600 Rollback, of very good condition, 4 Ford F-150 from Texas, Hampshire and California, a 1993 Ford Ranger from Chesterton, Indiana and the list can go on like this.

But before you rushing to buy a old Ford truck, first make sure you choose a car that meets all your needs. It's important to choose a used old Ford trucks that meets your needs as well as your wants. If you need a lot of cargo space make sure it has it. You need a Ford truck or pickup with four-wheel drive, then check whether the Ford trucks have it. Do you want your truck to be really fast, make sure to check the speed! Do you want great gas mileage and fuel saving? The answers to all these questions and more will determine what old Ford trucks or lets say you want a Explorer Sport Trac Trucks for sale you purchase.

old ford trucks sale
A 1975 Ford F650 old truck on sale right now

Some of the places they were available are EbayMotor's pages where there are listings of the old Ford Truck's available today. Search through the list and find the ones that suit you by Year or by Name or Style. Ebay Motor's is a great place to find a bargain for anything and pay the price you want to pay. No unnecessary haggling, no pressure. You just take your own time and find the old Ford truck that interests you. Then you'll see the prices, selling price, condition and manufacturer details and sometimes a photo of the used Ford truck together with other details like this in the page for of the truck you choose. For example for the 1975 Ford F650 old truck the page had this information

old ford trucks
1975 Ford F650

Current bid: US $2,900.00
(Indication whether the truck is already reserve not met)
Your maximum bid: US $ ####

(Enter US $2,950.00 or more)

Buy It Now price: US $6,995.00

End time: Feb-01-08 05:43:41 PST (6 days 6 hours)
Shipping: Buyer responsible for vehicle pick-up or shipping. Vehicle shipping quote is available.
Sells to: United States
Item location: Middlebury, Vermont, United States
History: 2 bids
High bidder: u***9( 59Feedback score is 50 to 99)

This vehicle is eligible for up to $20,000 in Vehicle Purchase Protection

Mileage: 999,999 miles
Location: Middlebury, Vermont
Vehicle Information
VIN: --
Vehicle Title: Clear
Condition: Used
Type: Tow - Flatbed
Engine Make: Ford
Transmission Type: Manual
Class: Class 6 (19,501-26,000 lbs.)
Engine Horsepower: --
Transmission Speeds: 4+2 Speed
Fuel Type: Gas
Suspension Type:
Tire Size: --
Axles: Single

• eBay provides up to $20,000 in fraud protection for this vehicle.

• Seller's feedback: gstonecomm( 57Feedback score is 50 to 99) | 100% positive
Contact the seller

The old Ford trucks or any vehicle for that matter will have a description like this for it too.

You are bidding on a Ford F600 Rollback. This truck runs, drives, and the bed works well. The customer who traded this in was using it everyday right up until he traded it. It has a gas motor with a 4x2 transmission. The tires were new only a few months ago and they still look new now. The truck has had the floors patched/repaired, and one of the front fenders has a little rust around the edge of it as the photo shows. The aluminum bed is 17' long and has a 2' stationary head rack. The truck also has dual exhaust through the chrome stacks. There is a manifold tick you can hear. This truck is a 1975 so I'm sure it has some issues somewhere, but for the year I would consider it in good shape. The odometer says 29K miles but I'm sure it isn't original, that's why I put in all of the 9's in the mileage area. Neat old truck for someone for cheap money. There is no warranty obviously so it is sold as is. Good luck and happy bidding.
Read the old Ford trucks description carefully. The seller's description carefully and contact the seller with questions before you make an offer or place a bid. Look for the "Ask seller a question" link at the top of the listing.
used ford trucks
Bid up to the price you're willing to pay....it's really a simple, easy way to find a

real deal! If you happen to see a bargain with a "Buy it Now" price....look into it and if you think it's good buy it! Low Reserve and No Reserve listings also bear checking into! And read the instruction carefully.

Also learn how you are protected. The Vehicle Purchase Protection program helps protect your vehicle purchase against fraud. VPP is available for all eligible transactions completed on the eBay Motors site.

Review the seller's feedback. The seller's feedback rating is a valuable tool to learn about the positives and negatives of a seller's transactional history. When buying a vehicle, look for a seller with positive feedback and take the time to read comments from other buyers to get a sense of the seller's reliability.

It is important to contact the seller and have your questions answered to your satisfaction before you make an offer or bid on a vehicle. Use the Ask seller a question link at the top of the listing.

Shop within your budget so before you can determine what you can afford, its good to decide and you need to know how much you can spend. One certainty is that you don't want to end up with an outrageously monthly payment for the pre owned used old Ford trucks you buy.

At eBayMotors if you have never bid or purchased at ebaymotors before then register first. The registration process is

very quick, it's easy and and free. After registering, should you find a old Ford Truck you wish to bid on, follow on to Ebaymotors Buying Tips, or make use of their extensive help system.....it will simplify the process for you....and perhaps even save you some time and $$ along the way!

Don't be in a hurry, take your time. Return to follow the bidding process on the Ford truck you're bidding on and find out what old Ford trucks have come up for sale. They come up regularly so check them and again don't be in a hurry, research well and know the truck you want to buy. A new selections of trucks become available every online each and every day. Check back frequently for suitable, good condition used Old Ford Trucks!


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here are plenty of old Ford trucks offered for sale in the market and I seriously recommend buying them if you are looking for such a truck. Old trucks are always a much better deal as compared to new ones because you save on a lot of money. I am not saying that all old trucks out there are really good but you can always check them before buying.

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